Warrington Running Club organises several training sessions, some of these like the muster run are every week but some are monthly and are communicated each month via email and posted on the Members Only Facebook page.

Club Muster Runs

Every Monday and Thursday club runs start from Seven Woods car park, but please park at the Odeon and walk over prior to the start at 6:30pm with time to sign in. There will be Run Leaders available to answer any questions you may have.

These are the standard Club groups but sometimes groups will be combined dependent on numbers and leaders available. The distances may also vary dependent on the route chosen on the day.

Example Routes

  Distance (KM) Min/Mile Min/Km
Primrose 10 – 12 7 – 8 4:21 – 4:58
Green 10 8-9 4:58-5:36
Blue 8-10 9-10 5:36-6:13
Purple 7-9 10-11 6:13-6:50
Red 6-8 11-12 6:50-7:25
Orange 5-7 12-14 7:27-8:42


Mid Month Mashup

These sessions take place from club HQ with the regular group times increased by 30 seconds to enable members to try the next group without the pressure.

5K Tasters Sessions

Once every month all the groups run the same 5km route with the option to drop back down a group for the second loop so you can try moving up a group.

Specialist Training Sessions

Cross Country Training

Sessions take place over the winter months at various locations across Warrington.

It is advisable to wear trail or spikes. It is also compulsory to wear head / Chest torch and to wear bright clothing.

As proven, these sessions are a great addition to your training and you certainly get out what you put in!!

Hill Sessions

The hill sessions are held at different locations local to Warrington and details will be posted on the facebook group along with the meeting time. These sessions are great for building strength and stamina to aid speed and endurance.

Our members enjoy some fab benefits, such as 2 club run nights per week, training sessions, coaching and mentoring and access to our members only Facebook page.

There is a variety of WRC club kit available from Touchline

Touchline UK / shop by club

We have different running routes for different abilities. Once every month all the groups run the same 5KM route to help you move up a group.

The time we use for Club record purposes is that which is shown in the official race results (chip time).

Annual club competition between the members of WRC to introduce a new fun and social way to get into running competitively.

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