We are WRC

We are Warrington Running Club

WRC is a friendly running group that meet at 6:30pm every Monday and Thursday at The Seven Woods Pub on Westbrook

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Training with Warrington Running Club
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Welcome to WRC

WRC has a mixture of runners from all abilities and backgrounds and we use a muster style training method, where the faster runners head back to the back marker in order that training runs offer something for everyone. In addition, we offer interval sessions, cross country and hill training and strength and conditioning for runners.

The group is focused on helping you to gradually get distance under your belt and achieve your goals. Club nights are not a race, it’s all about a group of people who want to keep fit and then potentially challenge themselves in events.

Do NOT worry about speed, this will come in time. Focus on running at a pace you are comfortable with.

**Always check the members only Facebook page for the latest information.

Here is the link to the WRC Facebook page: Warrington Running Club (WRC) | Facebook

Our members enjoy some fab benefits, such as 2 club run nights per week, training sessions, coaching and mentoring and access to our members only Facebook page.

There is a variety of WRC club kit available from Touchline

Touchline UK / shop by club

We have different running routes for different abilities. Once every month all the groups run the same 5KM route to help you move up a group.

The time we use for Club record purposes is that which is shown in the official race results (chip time).

Annual club competition between the members of WRC to introduce a new fun and social way to get into running competitively.

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